Portable Filtration KFM-304E

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Portable Filtration KFM-304E
Filter Machine 35 Liter

SIZE : 380W x 695H(HANDLE) x 300H(POT) x 550D (mm)
POWER : AC 220V / 60Hz
FUSE : 250V 15A
WEIGHT : 27kg
POT CAPACITY(ℓ) : 35lit

Filter Machine 35 Liter

· Oil and Heat resisting with 3 layers or drain hose and designed & manufactured for eatable and safe.
· High performed filtration system (13L/min.) and completed within 5 minutes.
· Applying high quality oil pump approved by NSF.
· Easy to clean by pre-filtration system.
· Applying 360 rotation drain hose for user convenience.
· Easy to move by one unit with a built-in filtration system.
· Supply Voltage : AC220V & 350W, Oil Pot Capacity : 35L

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Material Burlap
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